The Center for New Cinema illuminates what lies beyond the horizon in entertainment. Through its programs, CNC empowers sectors and individuals who hold a stake in its future – production companies, actors, theaters, software, hardware, telecom, and all fields that benefit from entertainment-driven advances in projection and computer graphics – to harness and shape the vast opportunities to come. Current and past CNC programs include:
  • Private R&D and consultation: Performed by CNC personnel for a broad array of technology and media firms, academic institutions, and government institutions. CNC is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation in the US and is designed to be self-sustaining through a corporate sponsorship model. Future plans involve spinning off a parallel, for-profit consulting firm on the future of cinema and media.
  • Cinematic Innovation Summit: World-first event convening leading visionaries from the global fields of cinema, video games, technology, and finance. Held in Dubai, UAE, the Summit projected advances in technology and the implications these hold for artistry and business. CNC co-produced the event with the Dubai International Film Festival.
  • Visualizing Media Futures: This two-day symposium at Swarthmore College (US) explored the frontiers of digital media technology. Bringing together innovators in science and technology, interdisciplinary scholars, and professionals from Hollywood and the technology sector, the event included demonstration and hands-on experimentation with cutting-edge technologies. Areas of focus included visual and aural synthesis, algorithmic culture, sensing and control systems, and telematics.


CNC helps to define and foster advances to come in entertainment:
  • Limitless game-style interactivity between audiences and the entertainment they are watching
  • Advances in performance capture that present new frontiers for actors and directors
  • Advanced 3D projections that provide completely lifelike visuals
  • Tactile feedback and virtual reality systems for immersive, multisensory viewing experience
  • Entertainment personalized to a viewer’s mobile location and incorporating real surroundings
  • Innovations driven by artificial intelligence and cognitive science
  • And much more.